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                                Evgeni Gordiets


Evgeni Gordiets is a Soviet-trained contemporary surrealist phenomenon who was scouted at the age of five as a child prodigy. Evgeni attended the National School of Fine Arts; received his Masters Degree in Fine Art from the State University of Fine Arts and his PhD. in Fine Arts from the State Academy of Fine Art, all in Kiev, Ukraine. After concluding his studies, he joined the National Art University of the Ukraine as a Professor of Art.

Gordiets' award-winning work has gained widespread recognition and is held in museum and private collections worldwide. He was honored among his peers in Kiev, where, from 1977 through 1986, he received accolades, awards and grants ranging from a 1st prize in United Nations exhibitions to a Top Artist Achievement Award of the Ukraine.

"Today, for me, life and painting are one. I have no desire to follow fashion; it has no value to me. In my art, the sea, the sky, woman and child are subjects of importance, eternity. I have no passion for politics. I often use in my work, stone carved forms and water-- these are symbols of eternity. I love sculpture, and I try to unite it with painting. Women, the symbol of love, mother-hood and eternity, have great importance in my art. In life, there are some things that last forever; in my work, I communicate this with the sky, water and stones."

Gordiets' paintings are pervaded with a profound sense of calm and peace, conveying a longing for eternity and a place of stillness away from our throwaway culture. He creates a serene dream-like atmosphere where quietly magical things happen. “In nature, I find a never-ending source of inspiration.”

Select Museums:
- National Museum of Sevastopol
- Museum of Russian Art Ukraine
- National Museum of Nikoleav
- Tretiakov Gallery Moscow
- National Museum of Lutsk
- National Museum of Herson Zaporozhe
- Museum of Contemporary Art Kiel, Germany
- National Museum of Cherkasie
- Museum of Contemporary Art” Kiev,Ukraine
- National Museum of Feadosia
- National Museum of Hmelnitsk

- 1977 1st Prize Award Winner of art degree in United Nations’ Exhibtions
- 1982 1st Prize Winner of national Exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine
1986 Top Artist Achievement Award of Ukraine

Public & Private Collections:
Evgeni Gordiets’ works are held in public and private collections located in the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong.

“In Just My Canvas”, Ukrainian Fine Art 1994

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Artists Name

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